Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do we procure our grain from?  
A: Procure from both NZ and overseas.

Q: How much feed per bird per day?  
A: Free range birds should have 110 to 130 grams (if this is all they are being fed)

Q: Why does it have lower protein than Peck-n-lay (NRM)?
A: This is the way it has been specified and suits the market it services (most customers feed other products - bread, scraps etc) This comes about by the way our protein levels in the feed are worded on the packaging.

Q: What are the advantages over straight grain?
A: The advantage over straight grain is; The typical protein content of grain is 9%.  Barnyard Layer is a complete feed that contains essential vitamins and minerals, and a balanced amino acid profile to promote good egg production and bird health.

Q: Do I need to feed grit as well?  
A: No but it is useful to feed grit in older aged birds

Q: How much feed per pig per day?
A: 0.5 to 1.5kgs per day depending on size of pig

Q: How much feed per rabbit per day?
A: 140 grams

Q: Is this what you would feed if we have over 50 birds. Semi commercial free range?
A: Yes 50 to 500 birds would be ok

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