Our technical team implements and monitors MainFeeds Quality Assurance and Compliance Programmes.


MainFeeds operates a Risk Management Programme (RMP) under the Animal Products Act 1999. This involves identifying through the production chain any potential risks to product safety and wholesomeness. A hazard analysis process is in place to control those risks identified and is backed up by a series of checks and records to demonstrate we are meeting our legal obligations.

The RMP process involves independent auditing of our feed mills the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) verification services.  In addition, the company undertakes self-audits to ensure that the standards and procedures we have set are being fully complied with.

We were one of the first operations to have an approved RMP, working closely with the NZFSA (New Zealand Food Safety Authority) now MPI in their development.
All our feed products are produced to meet the NZFMA (New Zealand Feed Manufacturers Association (Inc)) Manufacture of Animal Feeds in New Zealand Code Of Practice.

A testing programme is in place for chemical analysis of raw materials and finished feed. Each feedmill operates a salmonella surveillance programme to ensure feed is free from salmonella.

Our Wiri site exports feed to the Pacific Islands.


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