MainFeeds Barnyard Chicks and Layer Feeds are designed for the smaller poultry producer. They are wholesome nutritionally balanced feeds formulated to meet the needs of a chick and laying hen throughout its laying cycle. We supply our own commercial poultry diets and also manufacture tailored rations for specific customers.

Chick Grower

Barnyard Chick Grower Crumbles is a complete and balanced feed, specially formulated to grow a strong healthy pullet to point of lay. It provides the appropriate levels of protein, energy and essential vitamins and minerals to promote optimum health and body weight at the onset of lay.

Feeding Recommendations

This feed is suitable for layer pullets from 6 weeks old to point of lay (18 weeks), at which time Barnyard Layer Pellets or Mash should be used. This feed should be fed ad-lib from 6 weeks until point of lay.

Always ensure the pullets have access to fresh, clean drinking water.


Selected from grains, grain by-products, animal proteins, plant proteins, animal fats, vegetable oils, minerals, amino acids, specialised vitamin / mineral premix.

Pullets should have access to clean, draught free housing at all times. The use of dry, untreated sawdust or wood shavings makes an ideal bedding platform.

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