MainFeeds Barnyard Chicks and Layer Feeds are designed for the smaller poultry producer. They are wholesome nutritionally balanced feeds formulated to meet the needs of a chick and laying hen throughout its laying cycle. We supply our own commercial poultry diets and also manufacture tailored rations for specific customers.

Layer Hens

Chick Starter for Layer Hens Chick Starter 10kg, 20kg Chick Grower for Layer Hens Chick Grower 10kg, 20kg Layer Pellets for Layer Hens Layer Pellets 10kg, 20kg Layer Mash for Layer Hens Layer Mash 10kg, 20kg Oyster Grit for Layer Hens Oyster Grit 10kg Muesli Mix for Layer Hens Muesli Mix 10kg, 20kg Wheat for Layer Hens Wheat 10kg, 20kg
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