MainFeeds Barnyard Chicks and Layer Feeds are designed for the smaller poultry producer. They are wholesome nutritionally balanced feeds formulated to meet the needs of a chick and laying hen throughout its laying cycle. We supply our own commercial poultry diets and also manufacture tailored rations for specific customers.

Chick Starter

Barnyard Chick Starter Crumbles is a nutritionally balanced high energy, high protein feed designed to promote muscle, bone and feather development in young chicks.

Chick Starter Crumbles should be fed to layer chickens from day old to 6 weeks of age.

It is very important that the chickens get the best possible start in life with the first week being the most critical to building a strong and healthy point of lay pullet.

Feeding Recommendations

Feed ad-lib from day 1 to 6 weeks of age at which time Barnyard Chick Grower crumbles should be used.

Always ensure the birds have access to fresh, clean drinking water.


Selected from grains, grain by-products, animal proteins, plant proteins, animal fats, vegetable oils, minerals, amino acids, specialised vitamin / mineral premix.

Points to note

Make sure the chickens are kept warm and dry from the time of arrival

Provide good lighting for the first week to assist the chickens in finding the feed and water

Make sure the bedding is clean and dry (untreated sawdust or wood shavings are ideal)

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