Feeding Guides

Type Feed Quantities Water Comments
Chicks Barnyard Chick Starter Adlib Adlib  1-6 weeks of age
Barnyard Chick Grower 6 weeks - 18 weeks
Layer Hens Barnyard Layer Pellets 125 - 130g a day Adlib Can be supplemented with household scraps
Barnyard Layer Mash
Barnyard Wheat Oyster Shell Grit for extra calcium
Broilers Mainfeeds Broiler Starter Adlib Adlib  
Mainfeeds Broiler Grower
Dogs Mainfeeds Champ Max Small Dog <15kg 9-11 biscuits 0.8 -1L per day Store in cool dry place
Med Dog 15-25kg 11-16 biscuits 1 -1.5L per day
Lge Dog 25kg+ 16 -18 biscuits 1.5-1.7L per day
Pigs Barnyard Pig's Choice 0.5kg and 1.5kg Adlib  
Rabbits Barnyard Rabbit Pellets 140g per day Adlib If Rabbits are fat intake reduced from 8 weeks 
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