Barnyard Rabbit Pellets have been designed to provide Rabbits with the best nutrition. Young rabbits should be fed on an ad-lib (unrestricted) basis until eight weeks of age.

Rabbit + Guinea

MainFeeds is New Zealand’s largest privately owned feed milling company. We are committed to  producing better results through a combination of quality ingredients and superior nutrition.

MainFeeds Products

  • Export Chick Starter
  • Export Grow Chick
  • Export Stage 1 Layer
  • Export Stage 2 Layer
  • Export Stage 3 Layer
  • Broiler Starter/Grower
  • Broiler Finisher
  • Pig Creep
  • Pig Weaner
  • Pig Grower
  • Pig Finisher
  • Lactating Sow
  • Dry Sow
  • Sow Breeder
  • Rabbit Pellets
  • Wheat
  • Kibbled Maize
  • Econo Horse
  • Sport Horse
  • Customer specific diets


Selected from grains, grain by-products, animal proteins, plant proteins, animal fats, vegetable oils, minerals, amino acids and a specialised vitamin / trace mineral premix.


Crude Protein (typical analysis) 16%
Fat 7% (max)
Fibre 1% (max)
Salt 0.2% (max)
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