MainFeeds Barnyard Chicks and Layer Feeds are designed for the smaller poultry producer. They are wholesome nutritionally balanced feeds formulated to meet the needs of a chick and laying hen throughout its laying cycle. We supply our own commercial poultry diets and also manufacture tailored rations for specific customers.

Free Range Muesli Mix

Barnyard premium free range Muesli Mix is designed for backyard laying hens. It is a wholesome and nutritional feed formulated to meet the needs of laying hens throughout their laying cycle.

· Contains Lucerne to assist in achieving a rich golden yellow yolk.

Feeding instructions and nutritional information.

Our premium free range Barnyard range will provide you with the best feed for your layer hens. Barnyard premium free range Muesli Mix can be fed ad-lib (free choice) from point of lay onward. The amount they eat will depend on their size and the amount of other foodstuffs available. Average intakes could be up to 125g per bird per day. Self-feeders, protected from rain and wind are an excellent method of feeding.

Egg production needs a good supply of nutrients, vitamins and minerals which Barnyard premium free range Muesli Mix provides. If your hens receive over 50% of their diet as kitchen scraps or vegetables, then extra calcium should be supplemented with Barnyard Oyster Grit or similar product to ensure egg shell formation

Note: Always have clean fresh water available at all times. Place the water in a separate container away from the dry feed to minimise spillage and dampness.


Selected from New Zealand whole grains, imported grain, grain by-products, plant proteins, animal proteins, animal fats. vegetable oils, minerals, Lucerne, amino acids and a specialised vitamin/mineral premix.


Crude Protein (typical analysis) 16.0%
Fat 5% (max)
Calcium 4% (min)
Fibre 5.5% (max)
Salt 0.4% (max)
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